New Digs

Entrancee to Kazuko Asaba's House, photo by jbg

I have found a new place to stay. Ginger Krebs, my friend from Chicago who is also here dancing and checking out Japanese culture is rooming with me.

Kanazawa-bunko Temple, photo by JBG

We are staying in the home of Kazuko Asaba, a lovely, new-age, world-travelled artist. I feel right at home; it’s just like Asheville and only a 10-minute walk to the beach. Kazuko’s home is in an area called Kanazawa-bunko. It is named for the oldest library in Japan which is here. There is also a very picturesque 750 year-old temple (seen here) practically in our back yard. It is much cheaper, bigger, and “cooler” than our hostel in Yokohama.

Last night Yoshito took us to a jazz concert plus we had back-stage passes and met the musicians. It was really good music and a lot of fun.  The Japanese are very well-behaved at concerts unlike most of us Americans. Afterwards we ate at an Italian restaurant with a Japanese flair–pasta with seaweed. . . ?