A TECHNIQUE FOR BUTOH DANCE    (6-week series) 

Taught by: Julie Becton Gillum

Mondays 6:30-8:30 pm, 2/15 – 3/21, 2016
Where: French Broad Studios, 475 Fletcher Martin Road
Cost: 6-session series is $100 OR $20 per session

Based on exercises and improvisations from Butoh training, Noguchi Gymnastics, and Modern Dance, this course aims to introduce a method for training and preparing the body to dance butoh. Classes will introduce, explore, and develop physical skills and anatomical theories of the body. Graham’s contract/ release theories, Humphrey /Limon’s concepts of fall /recover /rebound /suspend, Cunningham’s isolation and articulation practices, as well as Noguchi’s work with body as a water bag will provide material to assist in developing alignment, control of the center, and balance which are necessary for any dance or theatre performance. We will explore how to shape space through the timing and effort of our own creative energy, applying it in collaboration with gravity, and other physical forces. From the tiniest twitch to fully realized body forms and actions, the purpose of this work is to find the unique expression of your personal interior and exterior corporeal functions.

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